Welcome to the Chevalier Year

Sunday March 12, 2023

Annals for the Chevalier Year #1

Welcome to the Chevalier Year, which will officially open on 15 March 2023, the 199th anniversary of Fr. Jules Chevalier’s birth and will end on the feast of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in May 2024. The grand celebration will be on 15 March 2024, the 200th birthday of Fr. Chevalier.


We invite you to sit and pray with this logo & theme. What does it say to you?

We thank the MSC provinces in Brazil who first proposed the theme and Sr. Helena (Nam, Yuri), MSC Sister from Korea who designed the logo. We also thank Joao Pedro from Brazil who also submitted logo designs.

We encourage provinces, unions, regions and communities to have a special celebration in your places to mark the official opening of the Chevalier Year!

As we celebrate this special jubilee for our Chevalier family, may each one of us be touched by the Spirit, and, like Fr. Chevalier, will be gifted with a heart on tire for mission.

These Annals are brought to you by the Chevalier Year Commission. Special thanks to Fr Michael Angelo Dacalos, MSC, for the layout and design.

About the logo
The Holy Spirit + Passion

• The Holy Spirit shaped by a dove and a flame.
• 0ur passion for the Spirituality of the Heart.

Bicentennial + The Pierced Sacred Heart

• The number 200 expressed by continuous line and the pierced Sacred Heart symbolize our motto and vision originating from the time of Chevalier to our time.
• MSC Charism at the center of that time.
• The red line and surface spreading at the bottom mean our mission.

Jules Chevalier, MSC

• His white hair and the red stars on it symbolize wisdom