Jules Chevalier was born

March 15, 1824

Jules Chevalier was born to Jean-Charles and Louise Oury. On the following day he was baptized at Notre Dame Parish, Richilieu. 1841: Jules moves with his parents to Vatan, near Issoudun, in the Diocese of Bourges. Octobre 1841: Jules Chevalier enters the Minor Seminary at St. Gaultier in the Diocese of Bourges. 1843: Jules’ parents return to Richelieu.

Ordination of Fr. Chevalier and the first mass

June 14, 1851

Jules Chevalier was ordained in the Diocese of Bourges. “I celebrated my first mass in the small chapel in the garden, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. At the moment of consacration the greatness of the mystery and the consciousness of my unworthiness so overwhelmed me that I was brought to tears and, to complete the Mass, I had to be encouraged by the priest assisting me. I was an unforgettable

Fr. Maugenest is ordained priest

December 17, 1853

E.S. Maugenest, cofounder of the MSC Congregation is ordained priest at Saint Sulpice, Paris.

Arrival of Fr. Julio Chevalier as priest in Issoudun

October 14, 1854

“I consultes the Directory only to find that my colleague was to be one of those I had marked out for my future work. I set out joyfully for the ancient town of Issoudun, arriving on Saturday, October 14, 1854, exactly one year after going to Aubigny. I was given the warmest possible welcome” (Personal Notes, p. 17) 1855: Chevalier and Maugenest take up residence in the house on Vouet

Fr. Chevalier and Fr. Maugenest start their novena to the Blessed Virgin

November 30, 1854

The novena was made with fervor and on December 8, 1854, Mary gave the answer. Jules Chevalier says: “Just after Mass was over, a gentleman from Issoudun came to us declaring that a generous person, a stranger to the city, wished to consecrate twenty thousand francs for the establishment of a good work in Berry, preferably a missionary work; that if we wanted it, that amount would be placed at

Foundation of the MSC

December 8, 1854

Father Jules Chevalier and his fiend Fr. Emile Maugenest ended their Novena to Our Lady; thus the foundation of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Contract between Mary and 2 priests

January 12, 1855

Father Julio Chevalier and Father Maugenets started a new novena and made a contract with Mary so that the project of a Missionary Congregation could become a reality.

Blessing of the chapel of the first house of the Congregation

September 11, 1855

Fr. Chevalier and Fr. Maugenest were officially named Missionaries of the Sacred Heart during a celebration in which the chapel of the house prepared for the beginning of the Congregation was also blessed.

Religious vows of the first members.

December 25, 1856

On Christmas Day 1856, the small community of three members went to the chapel and, after the services, Fr Chevalier and Fr Maugenest took the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, to which they added that of perseverance in their vocation. The third companion, Fr. Piperon, admitted only six months ago, was the only witness to this touching consecration.

Beginning of the Annals of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

December 8, 1865

Jean-Marie Vandel join the MSC

February 2, 1866

Fr. Jean-Marie Vandel enters the MSC Community of Issoudun.

Opening of the first MSC novitiate at Montluçon (Fr)

September 12, 1869

“Under the direction of Father Guyot, the novitiate was begun on Sunday, September 12,1869, feast of the Holy Name of Mary. (…) Fr. Miniot was appointed as socius” (Writings on the Life of the Founder, Jules Chevalier, p. 67)

Foundation of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (OLSH Sisters)

August 30, 1874

This court of honour, which was to be formed by the Virgin of virgins herself, according to the foreknowledge of the Founder, was to be the Congregation of the Daughters of the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. It originated on August 30, 1874, in the shadow of the Basilica of the NSSC, as the Annals of that same year prove.

First Church of Or Lady of the Sacred Heart in Rome

November 16, 1878

Pope Leo XIII decides that the church of St James of the Spaniards in Rome will be dedicated to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.

First Mission entrusted to the MSC

March 25, 1881

The Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith officially offers the MSC the two Vicariates of Melanesia and Micronesia

Definitive approval of the Congregation

July 24, 1891

In fact, in 1869, Pius IX issued the first decree, called a decree of praise; in 1874, on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, he approved the Congregation; finally, in 1877, he confirmed the approval of the Constitutions for ten years. His Holiness Leo XIII, on 24 July 1891, gave them definitive approval.

Foundation of the MSC Sisters

March 25, 1900

Fr. Jules commissioned Fr. Hubert Linckens, MSC to establish the Missionary Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (MSC Sisters)

Erection of the Australian Province

December 8, 1905

Death of Jules Chevalier

October 21, 1907

Father Jules Chevalier, MSC, then 83 years old, the Founder of our Societies, peacefully died in Issoudun, France.

Erection of Belgium Province

January 1, 1921

Erection of the Belgium Province. Father H. Van den Lemmer made first Provincial.

Erection of the North and the South German Provinces

February 8, 1925

Erection of the North and the South German Province, by the division of the “German” Province, erected in 1897

First MSC General Conference

November 16, 1969

First General Conference of the MSC, in Rome. This new structure was created by the General Chapter of 1969.

Erection of the Philippine Province

March 15, 1980

Erection of the Philippine MSC Province by Dutch MSC. All dutch confreres working there join the new province.

Juan Alonso is killed

February 15, 1981

Father Juan Alonso Fernandez, of the Spanish Province is killed in La barranca, Guatemala. Beatified in 23rd of April, 2021.

Erection of the Dominican Republic Province

February 18, 1986

Erection of the MSC Province of the Dominican Republic.

Cause of the Founder I

July 19, 2011

Acceptance by the Holy See for the opening of the process of canonization and sanctification of the Founder, Fr. Julio Jean Chevalier. (Cardinal Prefect of the Cause of the Saints, Angelus Amato, SDB)

Cause of the Founder II

May 25, 2012

Diocesan Enquiry into the life, virtues and reputation for holiness of the Servant of God Jules Jean Chevalier (25/05/2012 to 08/12/2013)

Cause of the Founder III

February 4, 2014

Opening of the Roman Phase of the Cause for Beatification and Canonisation of the Servant of God Jules Jean Chevalier (Vatican ity)

During this novena, in December 1854, we promised the Blessed Virgin that if she heard our prayer, we would take the title, Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and that we would strive to carry out fully the beautiful and profound meaning of this title. (Jules Chevalier, 1862)

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