OUR COMMITMENT FOR Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

Some history

To understand the involvement of the Church in JPIC issues we need to go back tot he second Vatican council (1965) that in the pastoral constitution Gaudium et Spes n.90 expressed the desire to create a tool at the service of the universal Church to promote progress in poor areas and social justice among peoples.

It was after the publication of the encyclical letter of pope Saint Paul VI, On the progress of peoples (1967) that the pontifical council Justice and Peace was created. In his letter Octogesima Adveniens the Pope recognised that there is a thirst for justice and peace in every human being and this needs to be quenched (n. 48). Also outside the Church people of good will are at work to pave the way of more justice and we should collaborate with them.

It was in 1971 that the bishops synod on “Justice in the world” took place. In its final document it declared: “the work of justice is an integral part of the mission of the Church to evangelise”.

 Since then many JPIC commissions were erected in dioceses and religious congregations. The development of the social doctrine of the Church by the later Popes gave a boost at this commitment, also in our MSC Congregation. We find it on the agenda of all General Chapters, General Conferences, Regional (continental) assemblies.  Read below a few of our key texts. 


Our direct inspiration

“In the poor and the little ones, in all the victims of injustice and violence,

we will discover the face of Christ. He asks us to bring his love into their lives.

In answer to his call, we will show our compassion towards them

by working courageously to guarantee their human rights and

to change the hearts of their oppressors” (Constitutions n. 22).


“In a constant effort to share in the sentiments of the Heart of Christ,

we will be attentive to all human needs and aspirations, such as,

the need to be respected as persons,

the need for love and peace, for freedom, justice and truth,

and the search for meaning in live.

We will become all things to all people,

by respecting different cultures, and by being ready to undertake

whatever apostolic services people may need” (C 24).


“Faithful to Christ, who loves the poor and the little ones,

we show our solidarity by sharing our goods with them.

We commit ourselves as communities to the defence of justice,

without hatred or envy in our hearts” (C 49).


“Keep your gaze fixed on Jesus Christ and learn from Him how to love with

a truly human heart, to care fort he lost and hurting members of his flock,

to work for justice and show solidarity with the weak and the poor.

Learn form Him to give hope and dignity to the destitute, and to go forth

to all those places where people are in need of acceptance and assistance.

This is the first Gospel that the Church entrusts to you by sending you out

as missionaries to the world: to show by your lives and by your works the

passionate and tender love of God for the little ones, the underprivileged,

the vulnerable and those whom our world has discarded” 

(Pope Francis to the members of the General Chapter 2017).


Challenged by our Constitutions and mindful of Pope Francis’ words to us

we have chosen to work with the Chevalier Family to implement policies on 

stewardship and care fort he earth, as outlined in Laudato Sí and discerned

in each local entity. We are concerned about ethical investments (away from

fossil fuel and mining companies), climate change, racism, corruption, human

trafficking, fair trade, displacement of indigenous peoples, land-grabs, migrants

and refugees of all kind, domestic violence, the proliferation of nuclear weapons,

land mines, foreign military bases. We will be very mindful of the human rights

abuses of the indigenous people in the Amazon, Australia, West Papua, Myamar,

the Philippines, etc. (Chapter Documents 2017, n. 25).


Commitment to JPIC should become a way of life for all MSC.

As much as possible we’ll collaborate with Networks committed to these issues.

Everyone should educate himself so as to be able to analyse and engage critically

with social questions and to become involved. (Chapter Doc. n. 26-27).


Concrete projects

In many entities of the Congregation people of the Chevalier Family are working in projects with a strong focus on the integrity of creation. They make concrete the ecological conversion Pope Francis is urging. “Listen to and heed the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor” (Laudato Sí).

For the time being, just refer to 2 initiatives to be proud of: in Bavaria (South Germany) an ecological farm is run by brother Martin in Steinerskirche (


In the Philippines Fr. Gomez and his team are running MSC Center for the poor in Butuan where education and formation is given in environmental stewardship and basic urban organic agriculture with  zero waste managment ( 

We all know climate change is a global issue. In the Pacific area people are surrounded by the vast sea ocean and they see the high rise sea level threatening their homes and countries. The Catrets Island has already been broken into three parts and climate refugees are looking how to survive. They have a very committed ambassador in the person of Cardinal John Ribat MSC, archbishop of Port Moresby (PNG). “Most of the islands are in danger” he told an audience at the Catholic University of America in March 2018, before pleading the cause in Capitol Hill. In October 2019 Pope Francis gave him the opportunity to address the Synod in Rome for the Pan-Amazonian region . 

We see the MSC involved, with other members of the Chevalier Family and other people of good will, in a wide range of activities at the grassroot level and in political lobby work as well. 

Even in more cultural activities MSC promote our JPIC commitment. So created Fr. Norbert Becker (N.Germany) a JPIC song.

And you, what can you do? 

In order to promote common awareness in the Chevalier Family we invite all to be united in prayer and action on the first Friday of each month as it is proposed on Facebook and Instagram. 

During 5 years Pope Francis asks us to celebrate Laudato Sí. A nice opportunity is to join the Season of Creation celebrated ecumenically around the world each year from September 1st to October 4th. 

Christians unite in praying and acting together to care for our common home.

As a first step we invite you to visit A wealth of resources for implementing LS in your communities is available.