The theme: Setting “the Heart of Jesus before (us) as a model”

Tuesday March 26, 2024

VIETNAM. On the occasion of the 200th birthday of our Founder, Fr. Jules Chevalier, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart Vietnam community celebrated this event in a solemn spirit. There were two celebrations. On Friday evening, March 15th, each house had a special communal prayer: postulancy house, study house, pastoral house. On Sunday, March 17th, we had a large gathering of Chevalier’s family in Vietnam with many activities: solemn eucharist celebration, meal, and special presentations.

200th Anniversary Celebration Vietnam

The whole Chevalier Family, including MSC priests, brothers, postulants, and aspirants, together with MSC Sisters, OLSH sisters, MSC Laity members and their children, attended this wonderful celebration on the 5th Sunday of Lent in Thu Duc house (Study House). There were approximately 100 of us all together. We welcomed visitors and started the day with a Eucharist celebration at 16.00. We also listened as the letter sent by the General Superior was read to all present for the occasion.

After mass, the opening announcement from Hoang was made to begin the program. The program commenced with a short video clip about the history of the life of Fr. Jules Chevalier and his outstanding work in establishing the MSC congregation. After the presentation, all attendees had activities to warm up to and some games based on information about our founder, the history of his life, and his mission until 18.00. Then, we had a buffet dinner prepared and given by our MSC Lay members and benefactors.

After the meal, we returned and were ready for the “Music Night” to celebrate our founder’s birthday. Members of our Chevalier Family from different groups of MSC brothers, MSC sisters, OLSH, Laity, and students prepared and performed all the presentations. The MSC brothers sang the “Moving Forward in the Spirit” hymn composed by James Maher (Australian MSC).

A group of lay people sang the song “God’s Love” and presented a beautiful short drama: “ Continuing the Journey of the Founder’s Mission”, by the MSC sisters. The young lay group performed the song “Jesus Sending Me!” and a challenging short drama “How to Bring God’s Love as a Remedy for All Evils of Our Times”. We also interviewed three Vietnamese laypeople who joined the recent International Assembly in the Philippines and shared their experiences of the Assembly. The celebration closed with the lighting of candles, offering prayers and the final blessing from Hoang, MSC, Superior of MSC Vietnam Community.

200th Anniversary Celebration Vietnam

This was a meaningful and touching experience for all of us as we celebrated the 200th birthday of our Founder. We were inspired to share our presence with joy, solidarity, confidence, and faith in God’s grace for all of us. We felt the unity among us as a true family to help each other understand more deeply the charism and spirituality – the legacy of Father Chevalier. And with the light shining in our hearts, we move forward and set “the Heart of Jesus before (us) as a model” so we can spread God’s love to everyone, everywhere. 

Hoàng, msc