Recharging our Spiritual Battery

Thursday March 21, 2024

“Lent is a time of grace and a time of blessing. We are called to go into the sacred space of our hearts and look at the things that cause us to do wrong and direct ourselves to God through prayer.” This was the introduction of Sr Sophie Francis MSC on th recollection in Generalate house community. In the light of the theme ‘Recharging your spiritual batteries’, the community members were reminded that in the midst of busy lives, there are many batteries that we need to recharge. In many ways, our spiritual life is very similar to a mobile phone battery. There are times when our spiritual batteries are fully charged. Times when our passion and enthusiasm for our spiritual life is at its highest.

Spiritual Battery MSC AMETUR-1

There are times when our spiritual battery is running low or even dead. It is the time when neglect to feed ourselves spirituality. We have no hunger for the word of God and spend little or no time in prayer. Our spiritual passion is gone. “When our spiritual batteries are running low or dead, we need to get away for a while and reconnect with Jesus, the source of our spiritual power, which is the heart of Jesus.” This is a call for us. It is at such times that we need to recharge our spiritual batteries. We have been reminded to “unplug” from the world and “reconnect to God” every day. The recollection was divided into four parts: reflection from Sr Sophie, personal reflection, communal discernment, adoration led by Richard Suresh MSC.

Bram Tulusan, msc