New MSC General Leadership Team

Friday February 23, 2024

The last General Chapter of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart elected Fr Mario Absalon, MSC, as General Superior, for a second term. During the same chapter, four (4) Councillors were chosen and confirmed, and a few days ago, precisely on February, 2nd., a fifth Councillor was confirmed.

With the MSC Leadership Team complete, we present to you who they are:

  • Mario Absalón Alvarado Tovar, MSC – General Superior (from Guatemala)
  • Chris Chaplin, MSC – 1st Councilor (from Australia)
  • Bernard Mongeau, MSC (from Canada)
  • Bram Tulusan, MSC (from Indonesia)
  • Simon Lumpini, MSC (from Congo – RDC)
  • Gene Pejo, MSC (from Philippines)


We wish the new MSC Leadership Team fruitful work in accompanying our Chevalier Family around the world.