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For Mission Jules Chevalier

A man consecrated for the mission

If the charism is a particular vision of God revealed in Christ, and the spirituality is the way of living it, the mission is the way of manifesting both things (charism and spirituality).

“From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” and Jules Chevalier, being in love with Christ and living like Him, he became a man for a mission. And the core mission fir him is the same of the Church: To Evangelize. Our Founder would often say that “we have no other goal than to make his love known everywhere” and he would repeat it: the purpose of this little Congregation of the Sacred Heart is to allow the love and mercy of the Heart of Jesus be known to all people and invite them to give him their love”, to be a Missionary of the Sacred Heart means to be an apostle of the love of Jesus”.

If we confess that we “have known the love that God has for us and we have believed in it” we are saying that this love is for all human beings, that God wants that everyone is saved and get to know the truth. “We believe in the love of God towards everybody, a love that, if accepted, is life giving and give meaning to our existence. Because we believe that this love acts through and by means of those who consecrate their live, we are confident that if we work with determination and confidence, God will provide the rest, There lies the source of all missionary and apostolic effort” Fr. Cuskelly wrote.

These are some aspects to take into account in our mission:

1. As consecrated religious we have to evangelize with our life.

2. Through personal engagement so that they discover the Christ in which we believe.

3. Looking for new ways of making the Gospel visible and accessible for the people today in creative fidelity and faithfulness.

4. With an incarnated, inculturated and liberating mission.

5. Respecting the process and action of the Holy Spirit in each person, in a kind, prudent, confident, hopeful and truthful dialogue.

6. Being with the others, walking with them, committed with history to be the awareness of the love of God in it.

7. With a clear option for the poor, for justice, peace and integrity of creation.

“The Holy Spirit calls to consecrated life to provide with new answers to the problems of the world today. They are a divine request that only the souls accustomed to search and the Will of God in everything are able to discern clearly and translate it with courage into coherent choices with both the original charism and the needs and requirements of the concrete historical situation”, said Pope John Paul II.

Jules Chevalier wrote to Fr. Jouët on the 21st of June 1887: “Since modern societies are entering into a new phase, it is necessary that we find ourselves new ways of fighting that would respond to their needs.” The style is one of his time, the message is for today.

During this novena, in December 1854, we promised the Blessed Virgin that if she heard our prayer, we would take the title, Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and that we would strive to carry out fully the beautiful and profound meaning of this title. (Jules Chevalier, 1862)

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