‘Chevalier Youth Day’

Tuesday March 19, 2024

The 200th birth anniversary was celebrated in the MSC Philippine Province throughout the different districts. Before the day, activities were held to celebrate his life and thank the gift of mission.
Chevalier Youth Day. Some districts call this event the Chevalier Youth Festival or Chevalier Youth Conference. Different districts gathered young people to instil awareness of the founder’s life and mission and encourage a vocation to the Chevalier family.

The MSCs, DOLSH, MSC Sisters, and CFLA participated in the activities in the Manila District. Also, the Cor Vitae program gave a tribute to the founder through a creative presentation. In Camotes District, Agusan District, and Suriago District, the MSCs and the Laity of the Chevalier Family gathered to celebrate the founder’s birth anniversary. A Eucharistic celebration and flower offering were made. Moreover, the outreach program is part of their activity for the whole day. They celebrated the birth anniversary of the founder with the Indigenous people called “Badjao” in Surigao City.

John Cheste, msc