Monday August 28, 2023

Inspired to deepen our understanding of the Spirituality of the Heart and Father Jules Chevalier´s legacy, we had the opportunity to take part in a Spirituality Course held between 23 July and 3 August in the city of Lima, Peru. On that occasion, we were able to count on the presence of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Missionaries Sisters of the Sacred Heart and the Laity of the Chevalier Family.

It was a time of blessings and joy, because the Chevalier Family was represented in all its branches, and it is very gratifying to see a family that is united in the pursuit of the same ideal: to make the Heart of Jesus loved everywhere.

The content we worked with on the first day broadened our vision of the different situations of today’s world, especially the reality of Latin America and the Caribbean. On this first day, the analysis of what is happening, in terms of the social, political, ecclesial and economic spheres, with the demonstration of up-to-date data, made us reflect on the reality of our people and how much we need to commit ourselves to alleviating the suffering of the oppressed and those wronged by the greed and selfishness of the powerful.

Information provided about climate change and environmental devastation, which are among the most serious threats to humanity, alerted us to the fact that our common home needs to be cared for. It doesn’t take much, as simple everyday attitudes can help minimise the damage caused to the environment. Faced with all this, we in the Chevalier family have a mission to join forces in the fight against the evils of the world.

The course gave the participants a deeper insight into the life and mission of Father Jules and his struggle and perseverance to realise a dream that embraced all people and our common home. Chevalier left a great legacy for all of us. His persistence, patience and joy, even in the face of difficulties, made us reflect on our own personal attitudes and as members of the Chevalier Family.

We learned a little more about the foundation of the three Congregations: Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, and Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Also, we had time to learn about the history of the Chevalier Family in America and its present situation.

One of the highlights of the course was the account of the life of the MSC Martyrs of ‘Quiché’; their struggles, challenges and the courage with which they faced injustice.  We heard how they sought to ensure that the rights of the people of Central America were respected, making an authentic commitment to the poor, being peacemakers, and spreading an evangelisation that brought freedom to oppressed people.

During the program there was time for various moments of conviviality and mutual collaboration.  As authentic members of the Chevalier Family, we enjoyed every minute of it with great enthusiasm and joy. The participation made our hearts burn and strengthened our will to set foot on the road towards the poor who live on the margins of society, making the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the remedy for all ills, loved everywhere.


Marcelina Ferreira Robles – LFC

Member of the Chevalier Family in Brazil