2024 Graduation English Language Facilitators’ Training

Sunday June 23, 2024

Heartfelt congratulations to the eleven Trainees who completed the 14-week Training in the Practice of Group Facilitation!!

2024 Graduation English Language Facilitators’ Training

On Friday June 14 the following participants graduated during an online ceremony;

  • Fr. Celestin Bela MSC from the UAF working in South Africa
  • Fr. Chung Minh Tran MSC from the Australian Province Vietnamese community, in ministry in Kippax Parish Canberra, Australia
  • Sr. Maria Eufrasia Wea FDNSC a member of the FDNSC Congregational Leadership Team based in Rome, originally from Indonesia
  • Fr. Gene Pejo MSC a member of the General Leadership Team based in Rome, from the Philippines Province
  • Fr. Humberto Henrique da Silva MSC, of the Rio de Janeiro Province, ministry in Niteroi Parish, and Provincial Council.
  • Fr. Kimi Vunivesilevu MSC of the Australian Province, Superior of the Douglas Park community and Provincial Council
  • Sr. Marife Mendoza FDNSC Superior General, from the FDNSC Philippines Region.
  • Fr. Washington Pablo de Oliveira Moura MSC of the Rio de Janeiro Province, Formator, parish, and Provincial Council
  • Fr. Peter Hendriks MSC, Province Secretary of the Australian Province based in Sydney
  • Ms. Raissa Gerheim Vieira, a lay pyschotherapist and facilitator, closely working with the MSC Rio de Janeiro Province.
  • Fr. Danh Doan MSC from the Australian Province Vietnamese community working as a Formator in Vietnam, received a certificate of acknowledgement on the completion of the 12 weeks on online study. He was unable to participate at this stage int he 2 week residential practicum.
2024 Graduation English Language Facilitators’ Training

Accompanying the graduands were the four Trainers: Ms. Carol Dyer LCF (Australia), Fr. Ireneo Lee MSC (South Korea), Fr. Tony Nolan MSC (Irish Province), and Fr. Chris Chaplin MSC (GLT). We extend our sincere gratitude to the trainers who dedicated their time and expertise to accompanying the Trainees through the program.

Graduation was a recognition of the satisfactory completion of the English language Training in the Practice of Group Facilitation; a minimum of 210 hours dedicated to the Training, including 100 online submissions, 5 hours of Community of Practice (Triads), 12 hours of Online Learning Community sessions, 11 days of Residential Practicum in Rome, and 24 hours of Trainer Accompaniment half online and half face to face, over a total of14 weeks.

2024 Graduation English Language Facilitators’ Training

What some Trainees said about the course:

The Training is a work of the MSC Ongoing Formation Commission and was first constructed as an online answer to the restrictions imposed during the COVID 19 pandemic. The original online program took a team of 5 MSC, 12 months to build, Tony Nolan (Irish Province), Ireneo Lee (South Korea), Georges Diabone (U.A.F.), Luis Carlos Araujo Moraes (Sao Paolo), and Chris Chaplin (General Leadership Team). In 2021 we had 9 MSC graduate from this online program.

This year’s Training was opened to the whole Chevalier Family and no longer restricted to Ongoing Formation. We are excited to begin a Spanish Language Training this year specifically constructed for the Chevalier Family in Latin and South America. We are fortunate that three of our newly graduated Trainees, who were already experienced in facilitation, Humberto, Raissa, and Pablo, will be the Trainers for this program, with Chris Chaplin supporting them as Training Supervisor. This Training begins on June 24, 2024, and will hold its residential practicum in Juiz de Fora, Brazil. A group of thirteen participants have registered for this Spanish Language Training. We wish them well and ask you to pray for their progress through the course.